Socialmatrix’s Child panels What Are they and how you Can Make Money Through it?

A Socialmatrix’s child panel is a panel (Website) that is linked to

In general, there are 2  ways of making Money Through Socialmatrix — regular Reselling and child panels. The Term"regular Reselling" is pretty self-explanatory: this is manual reselling using social media in which you can purchase on our platform right away and resell to your customer on profit margins,


How Child panel works :- 


A child panel is a mediator between your customers and socialmatrix, Suppose you built a child Panel of socialmatrix and your customer wants 1000 followers which costs you $1 (76 Rs) per 1000 followers on socialmatrix, and you listed that followers service on your child panel for $1.5 (115 Rs) , Your customer will directly purchase from your site by paying $1.5 and a balance of $1 will be automatically deduct from your socialmatrix account and you will save $0.5 with this order, as higher your orders volume will be more will be profit, all your orders will be managed through socialmatrix automatically through Api (application program interface) , your order status, adding a new order, balance check, balance deduction ,services on profit margins, refills etc all will be synced. Let's break down the key differences between Regular Reselling and Reselling through Socialmatrix child panels.

Benefits Of Using A child panel Instead of regular reselling -

Huge Audience - In Regular reselling one person cannot target a huge number of audience, so its better to have a child panel so you can do seo and run ads to get a huge audience.

Managing clients - in regular reselling its hard to manage all clients, suppose you have built a 50 customer through regular reselling and each one giving you regular order and its hard to talk to everyone and complete their order on time, so child panel is the solution you can manage each client perfectly.

Low Price - if you go out in market people charges 30-40k in inr and 500+ usd for a website but our child panel is cheap and affordable for all.

Your own resellers - You dont have to resell from your own you can directly gather customer and make them a regular reseller of your site.



How to get a child panel :-

To get a child panel First you need to purchase your desired domain you can purchase from or any other domain & hosting provider.

Then you can visit the child panel page after login into social matrix and by filling the form ( you will be charged $25 per month as a maintainence cost.

Or if you have a enough sales you can contact us for whatsapp to get a free child panel.



Frequently asked questions About Socialmatrix’s Child Panel?

After purchasing a child panel will I get free services?

No , You only pay for a website (that handles your clients,payments and orders) not for services, You have to resell our services on profit margins.

Will I get discounts after purchasing a Child Panel?

Discounts does not depends on purchasing an smm panel , if you are a good customer and provide good sales to socialmatrix we will update discounts even if you don't have a child panel.

Why people will buy from us if we have a high price from socialmatrix?

That doesn't matters for your customer as until, you offering him quality support and services your customer don’t know us he knows you even if you are reselling manually thats the same way you work the only difference is you lower your margins here as you will get bulk sales through here.